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Remember Me

Designed in the shape of 28 endangered species, this business card was developed to solve the problem of conventional business cards being thrown away like expendables. At the same time, this business card serves to introduce the forgotten endangered species to the public. In particular, the bookmark function and the memo paper function help user to remember you and endangered animals for a longer time. And the illustrations of endangered species on these business cards induce reflection on the forgotten beings.

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Anti Crime

This TV series is adapted from real events, and justice forces open the curtain of underworld forces. The poster is inspired by the story itself and conveys the core content with the help of suggestive information. The concept poster uses white pigeons and black crows to metaphorize and imply the power of justice and expose the decadent dark forces.

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Primary Residence

Primary Residence is an alphabet design that represents abstract architectural forms in typography with three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. The inspiration originally came from the Bauhaus movement. That was also inspired by the design of stairs and windows from different parts of the world. Each letter and number represents a small part of the buildings without any apparent entry or existence. The stairs, windows, and geometric shapes are dedicated to the Bauhaus architectural style and minimalism, with the primary goal of blending the form and identities of the structure together.

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Action Means Everything

This campaign proposal advocates the importance of actions over empty promises, aims to make people notice the changes and empowerment brought by active participation. It is a self-initiated project that serves as the designer's personal reminder of the importance of taking action, as well as a response to the social movement at the time.

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Pupstar is a positioning technology company. The new brand design presents the relationship between pet and positioning by using simple, joyful iconic graphics, but sharply contrasting visual tones to catch people's attention in a dynamic way. The fresh and pop colors convey technical support from products and passionate visual language to call out the issue of losing their pets by no tech protection. The consistent visual system works through all digital platforms to better support and represents all Pupstar's products on market.

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Meet Rebrand

Meet is a Korean barbecue restaurant targeting young people. Client’s assignment for Mengchao, Hao and Sijia is to create an art direction and visual identity to express the vivid brand image and promote the various meats. The shapes of meats on the grill naturally present geometries. This idea leads them to the milestone of the concept, connecting different meats, seafood and vegetables with specified geometries. Various shape combinations and patterns give the geometries a playful and hot final touch.

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